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    As an award winning Handyman / Remodeling Contractor with 38+ years in the residential and commercial repair industry, we bring knowledge, experience and quality workmanship to every project we are involved in.  We view your project as a partnership with a specific goal, a specific time frame and budget that must be met for the project to be a success.  As your repair partner, we are capable of providing all of the materials based on your product and color selection or capable of installing the products that you purchase directly including picking up and delivery if needed.

Regardless of the type or the size of the project, we are determined to make it as easy and effortless as possible.  We start a project with the intent to complete it as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize the discomfort and challenges to you and your family.  We take great pride in helping our clients re-write the rules for a successful home repair project.

  1. We commit to a project time frame during the bidding process to allow you to include this when you make a decision on which contractor to work with.
  2. We take a small down payment at the beginning of most projects for mobilization and the initial materials that will be needed to start the project with the balance invoiced as the project continues allowing you to only pay for completed work. 
  3. We are on your project every day that work can be completed to meet the time frame established with the exception of weather issues or client provided work that prevents other project work from being completed.
  4. We update you at the end of each work day so you know exactly where your project stands including scheduling of key elements, utility connection or work that may affect your families life style.
  5. We do not complete any additional work or change the project amount without your knowledge and approval.  If a problem should come up we immediately identify the best options and solutions to efficiently handle it to the approval of both parties.
  6. We keep the same craftsman on the project from beginning to end so you always know who is on your project to keep all of your conversations, questions or requests with the personnel that are responsible for completing your project.
  7.  We clean up as work is completed to minimize dust and debris problems as work progresses on a daily basis.
  8. Our warranty starts at the end of the project allowing you a full 365 days of protection for your investment.
  9. Most importantly, we want to be your home repair solution regardless of the problem or project.  We are highly motivated to make very project a good project.  At the end of the project, we want you elated with the end results as we strive to exceed your expectations in looks, quality and usability.
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